Gloria Carnibella

Gloria Carnibella

Nation: Paraguay
Expertise: Garments & Accessories
Community: Ciudad del Este, Alto Paraná

“My name is Gloria, I am from Ciudad del Este, Alto Paraná. I am 37 years old and I am the mother of two daughters whom I help in schooling so they can get ahead in life. I am a full time artisan. I attend trade shows on weekends to sell my products, and I work with orders. I learned handicrafts because our family already had a handicraft business. Now, my daughter Catalina is following my footsteps.

Knowing that my products are being appreciated abroad, gives me great satisfaction, since each product is made with a lot of effort and dedication. The most commendable thing is being able to know with certainty that what we do with our own hands and creativity reaches other cultures, something that most of the Paraguayan women have inherited in us generation after generation.

That is what inspires us, to pass that knowledge on to other people, and that we can live from national art, and our culture is respected and valued ”.