how it works

We  provide a platform for under-resourced artisans to turn their creative work into economic opportunity, while enabling customers to discover unique, culturally-significant handmade products.

We do so by respecting our partners’ heritage and every-day challenges such as poverty, vulnerability to climate change and the current COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. Industrial design and street wear is just one example of How To Make A Nation stands apart in a virtual crowd. With every purchase we tell a compelling story through the voices of communities, a sustainable business model and fair trade practices.

The Process

(Where fashion meets sustainability)


Partner with local artisans throughout different indigenous communities around the globe who create unique & beautiful handcrafts.


Purchase of artisan products with upfront payment in full at a fair trade rate. They receive immediate income.


Facilitate shipment to the USA and other participating nations.


Invest in marketing & promotion.  Facilitate multiple advertising & POS platforms.


Proceeds from sales are reinvested for the purchase of more handcrafts from our partner artisans. This process creates a recurring and steady income for our partner artisans.


Through the purchase of our products you foster progress and help How To Make A Nation create more opportunities for Indigenous Artisans, their families and communities. These handcrafted items are part of a larger story, which you are helping to tell, where fashion meets sustainability.